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Plurr is the archipelago. The open skies, the mysterious world of islands and the vast Baltic sea. Nature and water and everything in between. The brand Plurr (feel-good slang for swimming water in Swedish) creates interior products and illustrations with the archipelago as its DNA. The vision is sound products that breathe nature and sea, that captures wilderness as well as the domestic. With eco-friendly material and Swedish production Plurr strives for products with a long lifespan that can last for generations.

In 2017, Plurr launched the collection Östersjön (Baltic sea) with inspiration from the Baltic sea and its wildlife. You will find fish and birds as sandwichplatters, coasters and prints so far.


About Plurr

Plurr was founded in 2013 by islanders Jenny Findahl (graphic designer/illustrator) and Virva Kuusela (architect), both with a conviction that the archipelago is so much more than anchors, ropes and compass cards. Patterns and products emerged and have had a few years to mature. Today, Plurr is run by Jenny, who has come up with new and interesting products and designs.

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